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Business software by definition is an application or a system of tools to help businesses support, improve and automate their processes.

It is important to keep in mind that any business management software solution should make your work more efficient, not create extra tasks.

We at Arab Computers make sure that our software applications will help you manage all your core business processes in one system. Based on your needs and preferences, you could integrate some additional apps into that core system.

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Business Software
Business Software

Our Software Solutions & Applications

Whether you are looking for Shipping software solutions, Commercial & POS applications, Human Resources traking and control, Payroll management, , inventory & accouting system, Hospital management or full ERP solutions, you are at right place

Shipping industry

Shipping & Freight Industries

There are numerous benefits of a centralized solution with the main one being that users only key-in information ONCE and once only. We are then able to take this information and take it through the relevant workflow.

Our system that came out as first version in 1986 and has been ddeveloping since, covers a lot of turf in the logistics/shipping industry. We worked with several large clients and have excellent experience helping us offer a very comprehensive industry aware system . From Terminal control, custom clearance, fleet management, client/agent database to several other industry specific modules; we can assure you that your business efficiency will improve significantly utilizing our system.

Our software comes in integrated units so buy only what you need with no bloat-ware or extra cost.

Our Shipping Solutions Suite:

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is considered as one of the complete business software in today’s competitive environment. An ERP solution allows you to have an integrated view of all your Business Processes and other sub-processes which further allows efficiency and effectiveness in achieving your business goals.
Today many big/ small and Mid-sized organizations are implementing ERP solutions to manage the business plans and policies not only in efficient but also in effective manner. An ERP solution allows your organization available resources are utilized in optimum manner.

The Purpose of an ERP system comes from some of its advantages below:

  • All Business processes and sub-processes are integrated into a single unified system.
  • An ERP provides you Productivity, efficiency, effectiveness in Business plans.
  • It Reduce the response time due to the effective transfer of Information.
  • An ERP system allows you to streamline most of your functions performed by your organization as a whole.
  • It helps in quick and vital decision making in an organization.
  • The above are some of the few advantages which provide you with a purpose of having an ERP system in your organization.

Our ERP Suite modules:

If you’d like to implement an ERP system for your business:

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HR and Payroll

HR Software with integrated Time Attendance, Leave and Payroll. Includes Employee Scheduling, Leave, Overtime, Shift Management. Supports multiple companies and locations. AttendHRM works great for a small business with a few employees all the way up to a large multi-location organization with many employees. Supports multiple companies, multiple time attendance devices and multiple languages(English, Arabic).

Real-time and editable attendance, automated overtime/late-in/early-out calculation, graphical attendance views, and integrated leave management are a few salient features of the attendance management system. Leave Management system displays employee work plan, leave, holiday and attendance data which are available in one screen for a visual comparison.

Payroll software is closely integrated with attendance management system and contains various features including user-defined salary structure, user-defined formula, bonus, loans, advances, damages and recovery, customizable pay slips, bulk email of pay slips and modification history. You can pay your employee for every minute of overtime he does and deduct cut payment for every minute he is late.


  • Recruitment cycle
  • Termination cycle
  • Dynamic Shifts
  • Attendance
  • Payroll (Auto calculated)
  • Cost Center
  • Organization Chart
  • EMS
  • MMS
  • Training
  • Emp. Training Evaluation
  • Manager Training Evaluation
  • KPI
  • Statistics
  • Custom Report Designer
  • Two versions; a desktop and a web application

Hospital Management Information System (HMIS)

HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM (HMIS) provides a secure, robust environment for transactions across all departments of the hospital and remote access of patient medical records for physicians and nurses with excellent response response time. A comprehensive application that integrates various functions to enhance the overall operational efficiency, making it one of the most effective healthcare software.



  • Admission
  • Physical Examination
  • Medical History
  • Doctor Order
  • Nurse Notes
  • Nurse Procedure
  • Nurse Follow up
  • Clinical pharmacy


  • Booking
  • Appointments
  • Examination
  • Investigation
  • Ophthalmology

Other features:

  • Operations
  • Emergency
  • Electronic Medical Reports
  • Blood Bank
  • Laboratory
  • Radiology
  • Front Office(desk)
  • Physiotherapy
  • Statistics
  • Custom Report Designer